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Self empowerment for life change


Feeling stuck with your life, insecure in love, relationships and social life, anxious about the future: these are dysfunctional mindsets that you can overcome.

If you feel troubled with:

Low self-esteem
Lack of motivation
Emotional distress
Social anxiety and shyness
Isolation and loneliness
Relationships and break-ups
Stress or Anxiety

I can provide psychological consulting to help you make a positive change in your life.

Self-empowerment is the key to overcome your fears and start improving your life. You will learn how to control your thoughts and understand your emotions, so they won’t get over you.

I also provide relationship and dating consulting for singles and couples that struggle getting the best from their lovelife.

My approach

My approach

Throughout the years I've developed a person-centered and solution-focused approach that integrates disciplines such as dialectical therapy, positive psychology, CBT, life coaching and
self awareness practices.

While working to build a positive mindset, we'll keep a pragmatical and result-oriented strategy that will help you stay focused and keep track of your path to improvement.

Improve your self-confidence. Find motivation.
Build meaningful relationships.

A few sessions will be enough for you to start seeing a positive change in your everyday life.
My office is in central Paris and I am also available for online and telephone counselling.

Tel. (+33) 6-27028990

About me

G i u s e p p e
R i c c i a r d o

Certified Counsellor and Life Coach based in Paris

I've earned a master's degree in Social Science at La Sapienza University in Rome
and a Diploma in Applied Psychology at Derby University (UK).
I've also gained certifications in Life Coaching and psychotherapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Therapy and Mindfulness Practices.

After living in Rome, London and Stockholm,
I settled down in Paris in 2014.
Living in different countries has given me a deep understanding of the difficulties of adapting to foreign cultures, languages and social environments.

I'm fluent in English and French.
Italian is my native language.

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